Intro & Coming Attractions

My name is Damian Roache.

I’ve been trying to think of something interesting or profound to write for this first post, but I already deleted my first few tries. I’m going to be honest and concise instead.

This blog should have existed long before now. I can only say that now is better than never, and I’ll just have to try to make up for lost time.

Writing is a very important part of my life. I consider myself a writer, though I admit I’m not a published author. I’m working on changing that second part.

I tend to view the world through the filter of storytelling, whether it’s my own personal life experiences or the people, places, and things I see. Some of what I write here will be a look into the strange musings of my daily life, whether I’m thinking about words—how we use them, what they mean, or even just how they sound when said aloud—or writing and the writing process. I spend plenty of time considering what I want to write, how I should write it, what I want to accomplish by telling a story, and more. You can expect me to offer my opinion on these subjects regularly, along with updates on my own writing. I’m still tossing around some ideas about how to incorporate my writing into this blog, but we’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, you can expect me to talk about what I’ve been writing lately and how it’s all shaping up.

At present, I am writing several short stories and a new novel that I hope will be the start of a series. I’ll be telling everyone more about these in the near future, but here’s a little sneak peek: one of the short stories is about David Calchas, a man that begins to see strange things in mirrors and decides to go see a psychiatrist; the novel follows Brendan Marks, a young man whose father is imprisoned for being the head of a powerful crime organization. David Calchas is a relatively normal guy when he’s first introduced to the reader, but by the end of the story it’s clear that his life will never be the same. I like to think of that particular story as an origin story, since its purpose is largely to introduce Dave (and a few of his friends) and provide background for some of his future adventures. The latter story is much more involved than the brief teaser above might suggest, and it’s a bit of a genre-bender. Both of these characters exist in the same universe, and it’s not unlikely that their paths may cross eventually, but that’s a topic for another time.

Aside from posts about my writing and my opinions on writing itself, I’ll be writing reviews for books as well as discussing a wide range of topics from the news and culture. My next post on here will be a review of Stephen King’s novel Joyland, which I just finished reading yesterday.

I should offer a warning to anyone that considers reading my blog. I usually don’t try to offend or insult people, but I do prefer to speak (and write!) in a frank manner. Anyway, I just want to say, if I offend you—that’s a shame, but remember that no one forced you to read! I do enjoy conversation, and I’m not opposed to someone whose opinion is different than mine. I invite anyone to speak freely, if you don’t like something I’ve written or disagree with my views you go right ahead and tell me. I won’t be offended by intelligent debate, but I won’t feel compelled to apologize for my words.

There’s lots of work to be done, in terms of setting up the rest of the blog as well as pushing on with my writing. For now, I’ll be content with the fact that I have it set up and I’m finally feeling like I have the right idea moving forward. I have some definite goals now, but I need to continue to work harder than I have in the past. Struggling is one thing, but sitting around and moaning about how I’m struggling has never helped me.

Assuming nothing crazy happens in the next couple of days, I should have that book review up soon. Maybe I’ll get around to posting a biography of sorts, too.

To anyone that stumbled upon this blog accidentally: Thank you for reading.

To my friends and family: Thank you for your endless support.


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