Specimen 25: Winner of the 2014 Bookie Award!

I’m happy to announce that my short story Specimen 25 is going to be published thanks to the Bookies–Angela, Lana, and Sue–over at Here Booky Booky!

You can read the official announcement on their blog: http://www.herebookybooky.com/announcing-the-2014-mini-e-book-award-prizewinner/

I’ll be keeping you up to date on the latest details as they become available. I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

Until then, I’m working on some extras leading up to the release of Specimen 25 for everyone to read here at the blog. Keep an eye out for those, because you never know what might show up in one of my late-night posts.

  1. Jackie said:

    Congrats Damian!! Let me know when I can read it! Just found out you have a website. You rock!!

  2. Barbara said:

    Congratulations on 2014 Bookie Award. I just heard this morning, soooo proud of you. Best wishes for continued success. Love John, Barbara, Matt and Sean:)

  3. Mickey Roache said:

    Damian: I want to take this opportunity to express my joy having learned that you are the recipient of the 2014 Bookie award. Obviously, I am not surprised,but thrilled and excited about your accomplishment. I am looking forward to your very bright future as an author. I envisioned your success many years ago when we sat down together. I knew then that you had tremendous potential for being a great writer. We are all very proud of you! Love, Pa

  4. congratulations I am so happy for you I cant wait to read it

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