Interview at HBB; Getting Ready for August

First thing, if you haven’t read it yet, there’s an interview I did with the indie publishing gurus at Here Booky Booky over on their website. You can read it at this link: Interview.

Angela asked me some interesting questions. I was able to talk about “Specimen 25” a little, including some of the characters in the story, as well as mixing genres, some of the challenges of writing, and more. Check that out if you’re interested. I had fun with the whole thing. I was a little unsure of myself, never having done anything like it, but I opted for honesty in all things.

Tomorrow is August 1st, and that means “Specimen 25” is even closer to publication! I’m trying my very best to remain calm, ask people who know me and they’ll tell you I’m usually pretty level-headed, but as we move toward the release I’m slowly going out of my mind. In a good way, though. There’s lots to get ready for in the coming weeks, and I’ll be updating everyone with the latest as the days march on.

In the meantime, I’ll be working to put together some interesting extras for you to find on here. Remember, I’m not always going to tell you what to look for and when.

Leading up to the release, there’s going to be some other cool stuff for everyone to read, too. When Angela asked me if I was interested in being interviewed for HBB, I took the opportunity to ask her if HBB would like to do one for my blog also. She agreed, and so I’ll be bringing that to you in the near future. I’m psyched to have that in the works, and I look forward to sharing their insights with you on a variety of topics such as the rise of self-publishing, working with indie authors, and the recent battle between Amazon and Hachette that’s been the big news story in the publishing world of late.

And, finally, one last note: I’m starting my revisions on the sequel to “Specimen 25” tonight. There’s plenty of work still to be done on that story, but it’s coming along nicely. Besides, the hardest part–writing that first draft–is already done. My worlds are slowly beginning to take shape, as their domains become substantial through the written word.

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  1. Theresa Gavell said:

    I’m gonna have to go out and get this book ASAP! I’m so proud of you hun. I will be looking forward to the release date. Not usually into si-fi but I will definitely be reading this one and any after that written by you!:) Good luck..

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