My 2015 Resolutions, and More

My first, and most obvious, resolution of this new year is to write more.

For this blog, I would like to write at least one post a week. I think that’s a reasonable goal, and it would be a significant increase as compared to my output from 2014.

I don’t want to set any strict goals for my fiction writing, like x amount of pages/words, but I do want to finish more of the stories that I start. It sounds like an easy resolution to keep. I know from past experience that it takes a lot of dedication. Finishing my projects has always given me trouble, and it’s something I want to change. Right now I have several stories at different points in their development, and some of them have been sitting unfinished for an intolerable amount of time.

I’d like to read more, too. I always read, but 2014 was actually a light year for me, in terms of how many books I read as compared to years past. Reading more books by independent authors was fun and enlightening this past year, so I’m going to continue that. I’d also like to read more books by women this year. I read a hugely disproportionate amount of books written by men, and I know that it’s limiting my potential experiences as a reader. If you’ve got any recommendations, I’d like hear them. Feel free to suggest something in the comments.

Finally, I want to be more open to new experiences this year, whether it’s in my writing life or just as another member of the human race. My own hesitance has stopped me from exploring different things in the past, but 2014 was a reminder to me of how much there is to be gained by stepping outside of my comfort zone. I know I can achieve more this year, but that begins with simply trying more.

What about everyone else? Have you set some goals for yourself to work toward this year? Sometimes even a small commitment can be rewarding when it’s seen through until the end.

And, if you’re still with me, here’s the rest. I’ve been working on some more revisions for the follow-up to “Specimen 25.” As I’ve said before, it’s a very different kind of story that explores other characters within the world and takes the overall story in a different direction. However, for those who read the first story and were left wondering about what happens with Jimmy after, I am also working on that. His story is definitely not over.

Once I have the next story in the correct shape I want it in, I’ll be sending it along for some editing, with an eye toward publication in the near future. It’s still too soon for me to speculate about when that will be getting in motion, but hopefully sooner rather than later. I made the mistake of guessing with that stuff previously, and my estimates at the time were way off. I’m closer this time, though.

Finishing my novel is a sort of unofficial resolution for this year, too. I won’t allow myself to get too discouraged if I don’t meet that goal, because it’s a lot of work. However, I do think it’s possible, and so I’ll be writing with that in mind. There’s a few other things I’d like to say about that, but I’ve decided to save that for a separate post where I can give it the space necessary.

2014 is dead, but now we’re living in its future.


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