Introducing The Aldirnföld Cycle

When I published “Specimen 25” last year, I had some ideas for what I wanted to do next. Now, I’m going to tell you a little about what I’ve been working on and what to expect in the future.

The Aldirnföld Cycle is a series of linked narratives, or a story cycle if you prefer, that tells the story of a world in conflict with itself, its peoples, and its future. It’s a science-fiction/fantasy series featuring a wide cast of characters whose lives become entangled across time, space, and worlds. Each individual story is a small part of the project, building toward the full picture.

“Specimen 25” is what I consider ‘Book 0’ of The Aldirnföld Cycle. Since I didn’t have a good idea of what came next when I started writing, it’s not as deliberate as what’s to come. I wrote that story for fun, before I had any notion of it becoming part of a series. I think it’s an interesting way to introduce people to the series, since it focuses on the experience of a character who plays a (seemingly) minor role in the larger tale. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I’ll be running another promotion on the Kindle store soon for everyone to download it for free–so keep an eye out, I’ll make an announcement about that soon.

Coming Soon: Catch and Release
The next story is titled “Catch and Release”, and it takes place just after the events of “Specimen 25”. The protagonist is Jackson Carter, a detective for the VPD who finds himself at a crossroads when he encounters a stranger from another world. In the span of an afternoon, his view of the universe changes forever and he’s forced to make a difficult decision. Who can he trust? What are the limits of his duty? His choices will alter the course of his destiny and echo on a cosmic scale.

I’ll be posting on here more over the next few weeks, as we get closer to the publication of “Catch and Release”. Some of the things I want to talk about: the process of writing the story and getting it ready, which taught me a few important lessons; its place in the larger structure of The Aldirnföld Cycle; the conflicts that drive the story; and a few other bits that I’m working on. I still haven’t set a release date for the story yet, but I will be coming here first to let everyone know when I do.

Also, I’ll be having an online release party for the story on Facebook, and I’ll post all the details about that here once I have it figured out. There’s going to be discussions, some giveaways, and I’m looking to get some other authors to join in. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for that, I’m listening. I expect it will be fun to do, but probably a little bumpy since I’ve never done anything like it.

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye on this site, I am going to be rearranging some pieces of my little digital corner here. I’ll have more details soon…

  1. Donna McCarthy said:

    I am very excited about this!

  2. jasmine said:

    Following your blog now, looking forward to your story release!

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