RotE: A Dryden Universe Event

Six authors. Six stories. In the year 2700, one event that will change everything.


This fantastic promo image was created by Gavin Revitt.

Rise of the Europan is the bridge to a new era in Dryden Universe, a moment in history. We brought together six authors to tell stories about this game-changing event and explore the possibilities of an expansive science-fiction shared universe. This is Creative Commons in action. The result is a collection of short stories showcasing half a dozen unique visions of a dynamic storyworld.

The book features stories by Eugene Kelly III, Daniel B. Hunt, Kitty Sarkozy, Don van Ausdoll, Tracy Vincent, and me, Damian Roache. Each of us picked some part of this event that we wanted to write about. It could have been six different stories, filled with other characters and locations. The details were up to us, as long as we respected the established timeline of Dryden Universe and wrote a story involving the Europan, the powerful, sentient life form for whom the book is named.

When Joel put out a call for stories, I jumped at the chance to be involved in this project. Why? The idea of authors sharing their talents to weave together a collection of unique stories was exactly what I’d been looking for–a collaboration that was more than just, ‘You submit a story, and you, and you.’ No, this was something else, something way more interesting than that.

We had the spark for our stories: the event happening on Europa. And we had our space to work in: Dryden Universe, in the era known as the Primer. With those elements set, we were free to write what we envisioned. However, all of us wanted to write stories that meshed together, stories that felt like they were happening in the same universe–because, dammit, they are! We talked about the setting, discussed our ideas for characters and plots, and held regular online meetings to keep each other informed. This release is more than just a new book coming out in Dryden Universe. It represents a triumph of our collective will to make something bigger, and it’s proof of concept.

The stories are written, the book is on its way, and you know what? We accomplished our goal.

This is what The Dryden Experiment is all about.

It’s available for pre-order on Smashwords, and release is November 30th. Less than two weeks to go!


RotE front cover


    • Thank you for all the work you put into this project. And extra thanks for helping me with my story.

      Soon, we celebrate!

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