Monthly Archives: November 2016

This past week featured a free promotion for Rise of the Europan on Kindle, during which we moved almost 250 copies!

Thank you to everyone that helped to support this promotion, whether you’re someone that reads this blog, heard about it on Facebook, or found the book whilst browsing on Amazon. Because of all these downloads, our book climbed the rankings for a few days and peaked at #2 under the category of Science Fiction Anthologies and Short Stories. Even if only a fraction of those people read the book, it’s a great boon for Dryden and all the authors involved. So, again, many thanks to everyone that downloaded a copy, shared posts, and helped spread the word.

This is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved in the project, but I’d like to take a second to acknowledge my co-author Tracy Vincent. Since the work started on RotE, Tracy has worked harder than anyone else to make it a success. Her contributions as an author, editor, and tireless champion of the book are worth more than I can express here. The work she’s put into this project was and continues to be essential.

I encourage everyone to check out her blog Textual Love, where she discusses some of the many books she reads, and give her Facebook page a “like” if you’re on there. She’s a great author, and an even better person.



I’ve had a lot of different subjects competing for space in my thoughts lately, but it’s my hope that I’ll soon be able to sort through them enough to have some actual content on this blog. I have ideas I’d like to express, opinions that I want to share, and more. It’s partially about reclaiming some of the confidence I’ve lost, but it’s also a challenge to myself: I have to break through my crushing apathy and find a way to keep writing even when it all seems pointless. The truth is that this won’t get any easier for me, so I need to find my own fuel. I’m not there yet, but (maybe) I’m getting closer…



A year ago, I helped create Rise of the Europan. To help celebrate this anniversary and increase the visibility of the book, Dryden House is making the Kindle edition of Rise of the Europan free from November 21 to November 25.

This is obviously the best deal you’re going to get, so if you’re interested in reading the book but you’ve been holding off due to the cost, now’s the time.

To my fellow collaborators of RotE, I want to apologize for my actions of the last year. I worked hard on my story and was an active participant in many aspects of this book’s genesis, but shortly after it debuted, I dropped off the map and have not put in any appreciable effort to promote it in the time since. I had my reasons, excuses, etc., and all that, but those things are mostly just noise.

What’s true is that I made a promise to myself and all of you, to help keep this book alive, and I have failed to live up to my word. I’m not happy with the way I’ve handled this, and many other things over the past year, but at this point all I can do is own my mistakes and attempt to do better.

I believed in this book when we wrote it, and I still do. I want more people to read it, so I’m going to have to suck it up and put in the hard work that I’ve been neglecting to do for so long now.

If you’ve stumbled across this post, please consider downloading a copy of Rise of the Europan during its free Kindle promotion. A great group of people came together to make that book a reality, and it is filled with some eclectic and entertaining sci-fi stories, all set in amazing collaborative science-fiction setting that continues to grow.