A Problem, A Possible Solution

The problem in question: much of the writing process has lost its appeal for me. There are several causes that I can point to, but perhaps the biggest one is that I stopped having fun. I can’t continue to use that as an excuse to shy away from writing, to put in the work that creating quality stories demands, or to throw up my arms at the frustration of it all.

My best option, as I see it, is to return to the aspects of writing that I enjoy, as well as search for new and engaging ways to experiment with my craft. I know my mind, and I know it well enough to unequivocally state the following. I will never make progress as a writer if I cannot find a reasonable balance between the work required and the enjoyment I find in said work. I suspect this balance is different for everyone. For me it’s a matter of motivation, because the work itself is not enough motivation on its own.

I want to write, despite the nasty voice of doubt that always seems to lurk behind every thought I have. The characters, words, and worlds that insist on populating my consciousness are evidence of my will to create. It’s my job, my duty to myself, to push back against my doubt and find the spark to set me on my way again.

With that in mind, I intend to post more of my WIP-related content here. I don’t want to make predictions about when or what, yet. Some of it will be fragmentary, like a few older posts I’ve done in the past, while some will have a more polished feel. I don’t know how much interest they’ll generate here, or anywhere else, but I’m hoping that I can use this space to present some of my concept art and notes for a number of fictional settings I’m developing. I’m still debating whether I’d like to create dedicated pages here on the site for different projects; that might depend on how much material I decide to publish.

Of course, I have unfinished stories waiting for me. (And the question of how I’m going to use my social media accounts going forward, but that’s a topic for another post.) I’ll return to them when I’m ready, and until then I’ll work on whatever keeps me writing. Worldbuilding and sketching aren’t the most important parts of my process, but they’re like fuel for my stories, without them I’m not going anywhere.

A number of weird and confusing posts might begin to appear on this blog in the near future. I expect they’ll be very hit or miss, but who knows, right?


  1. Donna McCarthy said:

    Bring it on!!

  2. Lori Morrison said:

    Hello Bubba – I am so sorry that you have had to deal with these struggles in your life. I can tell you that you are Loved so much and I am happy that Catherine has been there for you. That is important. I am so proud to say that you are my nephew (You feel more like a brother I have to say). We are all so proud of you. Keep the Faith.
    Love Lori

    • Thanks, Lori! It’s always good to be reminded that we have people who care about us, but especially when we’re struggling.

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