I need to fix my writing space

The room where I go to write and be alone with my creations is a dire mess, and it’s a very real, tangible piece of what’s been holding me back. The chaos of my writing space has been mirroring the chaos inside of me. One of my recent goals has been to fix this mess and restore some order outwardly, in the hope of helping to restore some inwardly. I’ve never been the neatest person, but when I let the mess reach critical mass like this, it starts to have an effect on my mental and emotional state. Writing can be challenging, and at times that’s useful, but I shouldn’t have to feel smothered by my surroundings when I sit down to write.

Here, take a look.


Now, I know there’s not much here in terms of perspective. Trust me when I say, it was worse a couple of weeks ago. Just outside the frame of this picture, there’s a large pile of other assorted belongings that I’ve sorted through and need to remove from the room. And you can’t see any evidence of it here, but I also recycled about a hundred pounds worth of old school notebooks and photocopies. I threw away stuff that I didn’t even remember owning, that’s how much crap we’re dealing with here.

This is a small room that we’re talking about, and the area in the left side of that picture is behind my desk (which you can see a little bit of, toward the far right). It’s not clear from this view, but the desk itself is going to be a project all on its own.

See those bins, the big trash bag in the middle of the floor, and that bookcase that’s missing some shelves? Yeah, none of those belong there. I’ve been shoving everything into this room and making piles on top of piles for months, just ignoring how much of a mess it’s been the whole time. The madness needs to stop.

I will continue to sort and toss, rearrange and remove, and eventually give the room a good dusting/vacuuming. Once all of that is done, I shall return to this post and update it. Until then, I’m going to curse the room every time I walk into or out of it.

For now, I have to keep repeating these words in my head like a crazed mantra: Think of how great it will feel once you can sit down at that desk knowing that everything is in its place, imagine how free you’ll feel!

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  1. Donna McCarthy said:

    Clean Slate!

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