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Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Damian Roache.

I was born in Boston and I grew up in Dorchester on a dead-end street. I tried playing sports a couple of different times, baseball and basketball, but I never really got all that invested in anything. The Boy Scouts was another failed experiment, along with karate.

My passion has always been storytelling. I was lucky enough to have people that read to me all the time, and once I could read on my own I was off and running.

Before I was old enough to write my own stories, my grandfather would sit with me at our kitchen table and transcribe my stories on a big yellow legal pad. He spent hours and hours listening to me and filling up pages. These early tales were all my own take on my favorite shows at the time, like my own episodes of the Power Rangers, but they were the start of something really big for me.

I rented a book by Dean Koontz at my school library and since then I’ve been a fan of horror. I read LOTR in eighth grade and was captured by the depth of Tolkien’s world. The stories that shaped me were full of monsters, murder, kings, castles, psychopaths, and dragons. Fantasy, science fiction, and horror are often looked at with disdain, sometimes considered nothing more than genre fiction. Anyone with that opinion is a fool–look into those strange expanses and

you’ll find that they have plenty to teach us about our own world.

I graduated from Stonehill College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in English.

I live in Abington, MA now and I work for a great local business, AJ Kelley Property Maintenance. We’re a small, family-owned and operated landscaping company with a focus on results and customer service. I’m proud to be part of their team, working hard to make people’s yards something they can smile about.

This blog is a recent venture, and I’m hopeful it will be the start of something great. I have always been a writer, but this is perhaps the first time I’ve ever given it the full attention and dedication required. My goal is to tell stories that will be entertaining, thought-provoking, and strange.

I want to thank Catherine, without whom this blog would just be a ‘maybe someday’ still, and all the rest of my friends and family. I owe all of you a great deal, and hopefully someday I can start to repay you.


  1. Donna McCarthy said:

    It’s is so nice to hear, that the time spent, in your younger years with your grandfather, truly made a difference. Spending time with someone we love is a gift. With life being busy we sometimes forget to just sit and be with one that we love. It makes a difference in your life that we sometimes don’t really appreciate until are own life becomes full. I love that you and Catherine decided to create this blog. I will keep checking in and wish you nothing but the best with your writing. I believe that you will become a success in all that you do.

  2. Barbara Sylva said:

    I enjoyed reading your blog today. You are a natural story teller and I’m so proud to see you reach for your dreams. I’m thinking of going to the “strange” side for a change. Maybe shake things up a bit:)

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