Specimen 25Catch and Release      A story cycle by Damian Roache, featuring tales of fantasy, science fiction, and horror



A girl collecting DNA samples from her classmates. A small-town detective who encounters a suspect unlike any he has ever met. A scientist on a mission to study a new life form. A man tasked with trafficking alien drugs across parallel worlds. These are just a few of the people whose stories make up The Aldirnföld Cycle. Ancient forces as old as the universe have pushed them into action, and their fates will converge on the home of the Barin-Bál. Their paths will differ, but their destination is one.

     Aldirnföld: a land that was once bathed in fire, caught in the cradle of burning stars that forged its being. After millions of years, life flourishes on this world in defiance of the fierce radiation that assaults it from all around. From the great depths of its vast oceans, to the craggy edges of its volcanic ranges, life emerges to seek the light. The Children of Fire are reaching out beyond their world, and their story is being written upon the universe.

Something is stirring within Aldirnföld. Its time is upon us.

Learn more about the Barin-Bál: A Primer for Advanced Study from The Worlds Consortium University

Check out the map of Aldirnföld, and see how I made it: Aldirnföld World Map


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